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Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

The sun has got his hat on AND it's Friday, hurray! Before we all decamp to the park/ pub here's your lowdown of everything that happened in fashion this week...

We'd have loved to give Prada's new video it's very own blog post, but alas there are only so many hours in the day so it takes pride of place at the top of the week's stories. In fashion terms, Cannes is liable to become a bit of a red carpet overdose. So Roman Polanski's short film for Prada, released as part of the festival celebrations, is a refreshing take on how fashion and film can produce properly exciting projects. We love Helena Bonham Carter's self-obsessed character and the power which her luxurious clothes the pearls, the silk blouse, THE FUR- have on Ben Kingsley as her therapist. Here's an extract from Stefano Francia di Celle's reading of the film...

"The fur represents the agreement that supports the relationship between the director and the fashion designer. Polanski is able to display a world which seems more authentic than the real one, thus interpreting and criticizing contemporary society. Prada creates original and non predefined roles for her work and produces a new language that filters into the recesses of traditional culture and leverages the potential of the new media. She is not afraid to produce what could be interpreted as a parody of the celebration of luxury, stigmatizing the world’s elite, the main target of her products"

Watch the video below to see intelligent fashion at its best...

We're not going to reproduce a million images of Diane Kruger and the like at Cannes- you can easily find that elsewhere. Instead I've picked out three girls who are rocking an off kilter look which definitely gets them noticed among the sea of perfect hairdos and flouncy gowns. 

Cassie is pretty convention until you see her half shaven head and mermaid waves. 

Lace isn't hard to spot in pics from Cannes, such blatant underwear showing off  IS Fiona Scarry

Olga Sorkina works a scary face painting (all images from
Back in Blighty, the country's creative community gathered on Wednesday night for the
Royal Academy's contribution to the Jubilee festivities with their party to celebrate Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne. The event was so star studded that the 24 Dames in attendance had their very own check-in desk. Some of our biggest fashion names including Giles Deacon, Vivienne Westwood, Erdem and Christopher Kane brought along their muses to show off their designs to the Queen. Hockney, who recently had a hit exhibition at the RA produced a drawing for the programme which each guest received. And finally, is it just me, or does Nancy Shevell, wife of Sir Paul McCartney, look like she may be wearing that Issa dress Duchess Kate wore to announce her engagement?

Hockney's drawing which was given to all the guests (from
Ozwald Boateng and John Hurt looking mega dapper (from

Giles with Jessica Gough (image from

Her Majesty, in very on trend silver, chats to Sir Paul, in trainers, and Nancy, in her very K-Mid dress.

BREAKING: Super fabulous fashion blogger Bryanboy is to become a judge on America's Next Top Model. A match made in fashion heaven- Congratulations Bryanboy!
If there's ANYONE who can strike a pose, it has to be Bryanboy (image from

Thought there wasn't any particular reason that you should visit the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts? Ever heard of it even? Well, there is now an extremely good reason to visit after Iris Apfel, couture collector and official 'rare bird of fashion', donated 900 pieces from her fashion archives to their collection. Among the items Apfel explained why she chose the Peasbody to receive her gift, "I think they’re quite cutting edge. This museum is much more cross-cultural than others I’ve worked with and mixes it up a bit". Among the items now added to that mix are 19th century couture pieces and McQueen creations. Oh, to be the lucky curator who'll get to work amongst it all!
Iris Apfel with Alexis Bittar (image from
Topshop is just keep exciting collabs coming... We've already been spoilt with Mary Katrantzou, Maarten van der Horst and Richard Nicholl this year and it was announced yesterday that Louise Gray is next up. She will create some simple shaped pieces which reflect her fun, creative and colourful aesthetic as well as make-up- a no brainer really as bold beauty looks are always a key aspect of a Louise Gray show. Louise Gray for Topshop will be available at the end of August- just in time to give us something to smile about in the run up to Winter. Oh, and if there's any room to get in some of Louise's amazing boots then that would be appreciated please, thank you very much Topshop!

Louise Gray AW12 (from

Recommended read: The first students to take Parson's M.F.A qualification are reaching the end of their course. This article from the NY Times looks at the graduates and examines what's in store for them all. There'll be a show at New York Fashion Week where the designers will be able to showcase their work to international press and buyers. It's a great insight into finding the balance between commericality and creativity, as well as  how the school positions itself next to Central Saint Martins. 
Work by Elisa Van Joolen, Talia Shuvalov and Carly Ellis- some of the designers who showed their graduate collections  at an exhibition last week (image from
Agyness Deyn, who is looking particularly amazing of late in my opinion, has added another string to her modelling/ acting bow with a line of clothing for Dr Martens. The pieces are inspired by 90s couples and the grungy look she's famous for. "I love the style of some of the Nineties' most famous couples, like Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder and Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. I love that grungy look, that freeness and real vintage vibe" she told Vogue. While some may say that Agyness must have had help from her good friend Henry Holland, she claims that she actually "forgot to tell him". 
Agyness Deyn models her collection for Dr Martens (image from
We're used to editorials pushing the boundaries and this week's big nudge came from Steven Klein and Patti Wilson for Candy magazine who depicted a (we think fake) pregnant male model in bondage gear and holding a gun. Just too much to compute all at once? Genius? A bit of both? What do you think?

Chris Fawcett tied up and up the duff for Candy (image from

Getting the gun out (image from
It's sample sale time... Two of the biggies are Erdem and J.W Anderson. Both happening next week...

J.W ANDERSON: June 1, 5-9pm, 73-75 Shacklewell Lane, Studio A007, E8. Cash only.

ERDEM: Tues 29 May (9am-8pm) & Wed 30th May (9am-6pm) at Future Gallery, Covent Garden. AW11 & previous seasons + accessories

And find deets for Jospeh, McQueen, Christopher Kane and more here from Elle

And video of the week goes to Hot Chip for two reasons. 1- Lara Stone's in it (that's the fashion bit) 2- it's directed by Peter Serafinowicz, the genius behind some of my favourite comedy sketches ever, including the Butterfield Diet

Now go forth and enjoy the sun in the knowledge you're well and truly clued up on what's happening in fashion. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

"Queen of Accessories" is one of the ladies featured on Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog 
In a world with no shortage of street style blogs, Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style stands out as being properly unique, inspirational and unfalteringly fabulous. Why? Because his subjects are the grande dames of the world- they are fearless and confident dressers and utterly defy any of the fading into the background stereotypes often associated with the more mature members of the population. No matter what your age, this is a site which will always bring a smile to your face and fresh ideas to the way you think about your style.

Ari's book, released this week (image from
This week, Cohen has released a book based on his blog. On 7th June, Ari will be in London where the one and only Mary Portas will host the UK launch party at her store in House of Fraser on Oxford Street. We were excited to hear word that an Advanced Style film is also in the offing- it looks set to be the much craved sort-of-sequel to the brilliant Bill Cunningham documentary. However, Ari and his filmmaker friend Lina Plioplyte need your help to finish the documentary they've spent two years creating. They've taken to Kickstarter, the site where creative projects can showcase to attract funding, because they need our help to get the film through the last stages of production. Here at FEAL, we believe it would be a travesty for the footage Ari and Lina have gathered to go unshared so we urge you to give a few spare pennies towards the Advanced Style piggy bank. In return, you'll get what we're sure will be a highly entertaining and inspiring look at the women we probably all aspire to become one day.


"Women see me and they say, 'I want to dress a little more fun!'"

"You can break the rules once in a while, I'm not ready for a convent"

"Young women, you're going to be an old woman some day, don't worry about it!"

Look at Ari and Lina's taster....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say what you want..!!

Say what you want..!!


Posted by Melanie Rickey, Fashion Editor at Large

The latest press release email from Red Hot PR, representing Goddiva

Yesterday, a press release email pinged into the Fashion Editor at Large in-box. Its title? 'Gucci Copies.' Amazingly, the fashion company in question, Goddiva, has instructed its PR company to send out press releases promoting the fact it is copying dresses from the current Gucci collection; dresses that are in the shop right now. Goddiva even shares with us the catwalk shots of the dresses they are copying in the release!  Goddiva would do well to read up on how litigious Gucci is. Only this week it was awarded $4.7 million from Guess over infringement of its G and red/green stripe trademarks, and it is stepping up its brand protection around the world as a result.

This type of email - and I get a lot of them - makes my blood boil. Bethan, Fashion Junior at Large, has even seen me pick up the phone to some PR companies to question them for the sending out of such emails. I know it sounds a bit batty, but really - they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. It especially annoys me when the copying involves ripping-off young British and international designers who don't have the funds to hire a lawyer to defend their Intellectual Property rights.

What you see above is a blatant example of how rampant the copying of fashion designers work at high street level has become. Crazier still the brands doing it actually promote the fact. Copying is against the law. Fashion designers and brands can - and do as we see from Gucci's case this week- successfully sue for this kind of thing. Elsewhere on the high street designers' original work is being tacitly raped and pillaged and passed off as the work of the retailer - and to my mind it is getting worse by the week.

I do understand that the high street takes inspiration from catwalk and street trends for their fashion offerings, its the nature of the beast; everyone from Marc Jacobs to Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga takes inspiration from something, but really it has gone too far. Which is why I am glad the young law American law student Julie Zerbo of the fashion blog Fashion Law, which was recently covered by the Wall Street Journal, is succeeding in highlighting the problem. A few weeks ago Zerbo brought to attention a Chanel bangle, which looked very similar to one already on the record as being by young NYC based jeweller Pamela Love. After her post was picked up by, Chanel withdrew the bracelet with immediate effect. It was an elegant way around a problem senior designers at Chanel  probably didn't even know they had. Chanel prides itself on originality.

Last week a friend of mine who is also an editor sent me a couple of Blackberry-Cam shots of items that looked very familiar...

Seen at Karen Millen

Have you met your twin? Erdem Resort 2012 on Net-a-Porter. In fact if you type "Erdem blue lace dress" into Google, the third thing that comes up is "Erdem blue lace dress copy" and the listing takes you to Kate Middleton related sites..

Seen at Marks and Spencer

Hmm..looks familiar. Jonathan Saunders SS12 collection (photo:

Have you seen any blatant copies out there? What do you think?

Maud le Fort || Amica

Our French beauty Maud le Fort plays musical muse whilst dressed in elegant evening gowns by Valentino, Alberta Ferretti & Ralph Lauren in Giovanni Gastel’s ‘A Musa e l’Artista’, featured in Amica’s June 2012 issue.

TREND OF THE DAY || Nomi Gaivanenko

With everyone embracing the London sunshine today, our gorgeous Nomi Gaivanenko is no exception! Rocking her killer Gareth Pugh wedges, summery tee + sunnies, Nomi adds a touch of grunge to her ensemble by teaming it up with a leather waistcoat and a cute beanie!


Calling all you beautiful Glaswegians: Elite London wants YOU!

As part of the Elite Model Look 2012 regional tour we will be scouting for Elite's next top supermodel at Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow this Saturday 26th May -  and if you think you have the Elite Look then come along and wow our scouts!